Clean A/C Ducts

Air duct cleaning is vital for improving indoor air quality by removing accumulated dust, dirt, and contaminants from the ducts. Over time, these accumulations can harm health and HVAC efficiency, leading to higher costs. Services like those offered by Prime AIR and Prime HVAC 24/7 use advanced techniques and equipment to remove this buildup and also handle mold issues, leading to cleaner air and more efficient HVAC systems.


Professional AC installation by a trained technician ensures the system operates optimally and lasts longer. The technician correctly installs various AC types, sets up electrical connections, and ensures proper unit sizing and positioning for peak efficiency. This process prevents future issues from incorrect installation, saving potential costs and trouble.

Repairs and Maintenance

Maintaining your AC unit is crucial for its efficient operation, which reduces energy consumption and utility bills. Regular maintenance extends the unit’s lifespan, prevents major problems by catching small issues early, and ensures consistent cooling for comfort. It also improves indoor air quality by keeping filters and ducts clean, thus reducing allergens and pollutants.

We believe in providing top-quality services

We offer competitive rates for AC repair, installation, and duct cleaning services in McAllen, TX. You can rely on PrimeHVAC247 to diagnose and repair your AC system quickly and efficiently, ensuring your comfort is restored as soon as possible.


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